Forget the traditional gift of socks and garments, instead, give your friends and loved ones the most exciting hour of their lives! Make memories that they will discuss and fondly reminisce for weeks to come.

No matter the weather
No queue
No forgotten socks in a dark wardrobe corner
Incredible amounts of fun - #1 on TripAdvisor since 2016
Highly flexible - valid for 2 years
Dedicated and professional staff
Conveniently located in the Heart of Brussels right by Central Station


Looking for an original gift for that person who already has everything? Provide them with a thrilling experience you can share together and which they won’t soon forget. What’s more, we can hide more presents or surprises in the rooms and even prepare some champagne and cake for when you all escape!



What better way to get to know your date than being locked up together for 60 minutes? Be prepared for emotions to run high as you work together to escape. Our in-house psychiatrist believes it’s a great experience in any relationship!


Thinking of the usual? Why not attempt something truly out of the ordinary this year for your anniversary. Amuse yourselves whilst communicating and working together to succeed, and have an unforgettable time.


Congratulations on the achievement! Commence the celebrations with another life-changing event Enygma’s Escape Room experience.

Christmas present

Christmas is a season of cheer and gift giving with the eternal question of “what would they like?”. This year offer the gift of pleasure and rest assured that their faces will be most joyful when the parcel is opened.


Leaving party

Is your colleague off to bigger and better things? Come to enjoy one last team building together where champagne will be sipped, fun had and snapshots taken for a fond farewell.

Stag or Hen party

Fancy dress and evening drink already lined-up?  What to do at the start of the day, however? Start the day off with an adrenaline-boosting experience to fire you up for the rest of the day.

Engagement party

Short of ideas on how to celebrate the announcement of the fortunate couple? Disregard the traditional silverware and opt for one of the most fun things to do in Brussels. Start off their new journey in life with a memorable experience.


Just because one has a new home, doesn't mean they don't need to get out from time to time. Get your loved ones, the perfect present to escape their home renovations and furniture building. 

Easy to use in 4 Steps

1 Purchase your Enygma Gift Voucher online or Instore
2 Gift the voucher to loved ones, friends and colleagues
3 They book normally, without paying a penny
4 Enjoy the gift of giving!

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