Rediscover Your City


Put your detective hat on and be prepared to live an adventure throughout Brussel’s urban heritage. You will discover Brussels in a fun and original manner where you tour the streets solving puzzles and discovering the mysteries of the capital.

Why an outdoor experience?

It’s fun

You have up to 90 minutes to solve your mission using your powers of observation and deduction as if you were Sherlock himself

It’s easy

Just come to Enygma, grab your puzzle backpack and off you go

It’s safe

It’s a great activity for everyone outdoors where you will discover Brussels
For another safe activity check out our online escape room here


Ymagen needs your help agents. The time space continuum agency, enforcer of the temporal accords has a traitor in its midst. Unable to trust their own agents Ymagen has hired your team to discover who the turncoat is and in what time period they are hiding before it is too late.

Discover the clues the traitor left behind in Brussels’s history to unmask them but hurry agents as our intel tells us you only have 90 minutes before they disappear to a new era out of our reach.


Follow the interactive itinerary in your logbook as it leads you around the city centre encompassing all you need to know about Brussels and your mission.Not to mention your agent backpack containing secrets that you need to unlock and objects to use.
Brussels by Puzzles is for everyone friends, family and team buildings
Visit all the sights of central Brussels such as the Grand Place, Sablon & Mont des Arts
15 per adult and 10 per child, you can book directly online here


1The experience is for 2-8 players but you can book several games simultaneously if you are more than 8.
2There is no need to bring anything with you except for weather appropriate clothes as you will be outdoors.
3The rendez-vous location for your adventure is 3 Place de L’Albertine, 1000 Brussels
4Don’t hesitate to email us at if you have any questions


Please write to or call 0498/57.68.25 for any further information.